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The mvt is a Swiss company with many decades of experience in the manufacture of nozzles

We have been specialising in the development and production of high-performance nozzles for waterjet technology applications for many decades and are the leading manufacturer of the MONRO-JET ® nozzle.

mvt offers a wide range of high-performance nozzles for a large number of applications such as:
Waterjet cutting, surface treatment, converting water to fog for use in climate engineering applications and for binding dust in mining and tunnel construction, deburring of components used in the automobile industry, cutting and cleaning technology for the paper industry, wound treatment in the medical technology sector, and the production of artificial snow and the dosing and mixing of chemicals.


mvt's key strengths:

  • Comprehensive know-how in the field of waterjet technology
  • Hard-material treatment for example, sapphires, rubys, ceramics and hard metals
  • In-house development and engineering department
  • Collaboration with well known specialist in Hydrodemolition and Surface treatment companys
  • Global distribution network and close collaboration with our resellers and sales representatives
  • ISO 9001 certification


mvt AG
Spärsstrasse 5
CH-2562 Port



tel.  +41 32 332 97 60
fax. +41 32 332 97 61

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