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Our expertise, our high-performance nozzles

Whether it's for the construction or medical sector, the paper or automotive industry: We offer our customers professional expertise in the processing of super hard materials as well as an extensive range of innovative high-tech solutions.

We are a well-established Swiss company with many years of experience in the field of water-jet technology; we have a wide network of contacts and a global sales and marketing organization. Our high-performance nozzles are ideal for water-jet cutting and surface processing, for converting water to mist and for dust-binding in mining and tunnelling operations, for deburring components, cutting and cleaning technologies and even for treating wounds and producing artificial snow. We are able to provide the most appropriate solution for each of these applications thanks to our leading position as a continuous developer of both standard and special nozzles and in the processing of hard and ultra-hard materials such as hard metals, sapphire and ceramics. And because these products are rapidly available at our own on-site warehouse in Port (Canton Bern), we are able to supply our customers worldwide without delay. 

Our core Values

  • Professional & competent
  • Reliable & responsible
  • Well-established in Switzerland and globally - Superb quality
  • Accessible, personable & committed
  • Speedy, innovative, solution- and customer- driven
  • ISO 9001 certification

Not only are our products individually tailored to our customers but we also attach paramount importance to the rapid handling and despatch of orders and to reliable working practices. Our highly skilled colleagues work with precision, delivering solutions which are robust, well considered and accurate. Open and constructive interaction is a central feature of our work because successful projects rely on good interpersonal and honest relationships. We regard it as essential to provide our customers with comprehensive and continuous support right from the initial contact to the conclusion of the project.

Always with an eye to the future, we consider it important to look to continuously expanding our range of products. As a highly professional company, we also aim to produce solutions which make the lives of our customers easier while setting new standards in this market. Moreover, we unquestioningly accept total responsibility for everything we produce.

Our Mission

With unremitting commitment and through innovative, high-tech solutions, we offer our customers fundamental benefits in the processing of super hard materials.

Our Goals for the future

With our know-how, our skilled colleagues and our innovative and effective services and products, we are throughout the world our customers’ high-tech solution provider of choice.


mvt AG
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tel.  +41 32 332 97 60
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