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Tango HP-1 Rotatingnozzle

Tango HP-1

The rotatingnozzle with the unique sealingsystem

Up to 3000 bar and 75l/min

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Monro-Jet trust ONLY the Original

Developed in-house in cooperation with Kärcher GmbH.

Due to their compact design, the MONRO-JET ® nozzles can be used both in building construction and in civil engineering for surface treatment and cleaning.

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The most efficient robot lance system on the market

The Rocket 1500 is the result of years of testing with our professional partners.

The patented lance with the ceramic nozzle integrated into the union nut is characterized by easy handling and absolute tightness in high-pressure applications.

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We process ultra hard materials with our own manufacturing processes

Like sapphire, ruby, ceramic, and PCD.



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mvt Micro Technologies

We have been specialising in the development and production of high-performance nozzles for waterjet technology applications for many decades and are the leading manufacturer of the MONRO-JET ® nozzle. 

Wasserstrahlschneidmaschine die mit Wasserstrahl Metal schneidet.

Water jet cutting

The inlet water is typically pressurized to approx. 4000 bar (58000 PSI) by a special high-pressure pump. In order to lend the necessary kinetic…

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Tango Rotationsdüse mit rotierendem Kopf und 4 Strahlen, trägt Beton ab auf Betonblock

Surface treatment

The inlet water is typically pressurized up to 3000 bar (43512 PSI) by a special high-pressure pump. In order to lend the necessary kinetic energy to…

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Monro-Jet Orbitaldüse im Einsatz, Wasserstrahl zertrennt Betonblock.


With support of the development department of Kärcher GmbH in Winnenden, mvt has developed the orbital-nozzle MONRO-JET ®. The world-wide patented…

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With the support of the development department of Kärcher GmbH in Winnenden, mvt AG has developed the orbital nozzle MONRO-JET ®. Click on the individual components.

Pressure screw - high pressure fitting for easy mounting on the lance.
Pressure ring - M14x1.5 LH or 9/16"-18 UNF LH available.
Inlet cover
Driving tube with O-Ring
Rotor with matching seat - unique design with molded brake roll
Monro-Jet nozzle body
Front cover with O-Ring

Water is the element that move us on!


Variations of nozzles


Different nozzle types

mvt Latest News

Rocket 1500 Roboterlanze für Hydrodemolition Roboter

Robotlance Rocket 1500

Optimally coordinated robotlance with nozzlesystem.

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Safety-related information Monro-Jet

Safety-related information Monro-Jet

We have now received a burst Monro-Jet nozzle body from a low-cost manufacturer, which we have had tested by the neutral test…

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