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Production & Quality


mvt AG has many years of experience in working with ultra-hard materials like sapphire, rubin, tungsten carbide or ceramics. Our competences allow us not only the geometrical refining of these materials, also the production of the highest surface quality is possible. We have this special know-how for the following processes.

  • Wire-honing
  • Lapping
  • Laserdrilling
  • Mechanichal drilling of sapphire
  • External- and Internal grinding
  • Turning, milling, drilling
  • Glueing
  • Pressing
  • Beading


All Departements of mvt AG are ISO 9001 certified. The benefit as a customer is the highest quality, wich is guaranteed thanks to the company`s quality departement. Most modern measuring equipment as well as testing systems are available to our specialists for accurate measurements.

As members of a wide range of associations, we are always up to date about product safety.


Testlaboratory for waterpressure up to 3000 bar

mvt AG has expanded the test facilities with a computer controlled high-pressure test lab. Test trials up to 3000bar and 22l/min are now possible.

Due to constant test conditions, we can compare different nozzles for the determination of the removal rate as well as endurance tests for the lifetime.