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Nozzle pressure test

Nozzle pressure test

In order to comply with today's quality guidelines, a burst and pressure test was carried out on our nozzles.

According to the motto quality before quantity and the ever stricter guidelines, we have commissioned an external test centre for pressure burst testing for our nozzle systems.

The harmonised standard EN 12162+A1:2009 served as the basis for the tests. Seven nozzle systems with one to three test objects each were delivered to the external test centre for the tests. The tests were carried out in cooperation with the accredited testing laboratory STS 0052.

The test object was filled with water and connected to the pressure intensifier M4000. Then the pressure was continuously increased and maintained for 30 minutes.


Test itemMax. working pressure (bar)Test pressure (bar)Test duration (min) 
Monro-Jet F252500327530 
Monro-Jet F21500196530 
Monro-Jet F3800104830 
Monro-Jet F650065530 
Rocket 15003000393030 
Nozzle Type 9653000393030