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Robotlance Rocket 1500

Robotlance Rocket 1500

Optimally coordinated robotlance with nozzlesystem.

After a few discussions with our resellers and users, in 2016 we decided to design a new high-performance nozzle system especially for automated concrete removal with robots. In order to have the maximum performance in a user-friendly system, for the first time not only a nozzle but a complete lance system was developed. During the development phase, the system was tested with our customes on their construction sites, refined by means of 3D simulations and finally applied for a patent.

Advantages of the new Rocket 1500 lance system:

  • Optimally coordinated - all components from the lance tube to the nozzle with union nut from our company.
  • Reliable sealing system - sealing system for pressures up to 3000 bar without susceptible supporting discs or sealing rings.
  • Simple design - union nut with integrated ceramic nozzle allows quick change of nozzles without long machine standings.
  • For high pressure and flow - The system allows working with pressure up to 3000 bar or flow up to 430l/min.
  • Maximum performance - High performance even at depth ablation of 1m. With the same effort (fuel and water consumption) you achieve a higher removal rate.
  • Service life - Long service life thanks to high-performance ceramicinsert.